Source code for netdef.Shared.Internal

# a singleton dict for misc. stats.
from collections import OrderedDict

[docs]class Statistics: """ A singleton class to store statistics as key-value pair. Can be turned off for performance or security. Can be imported from Rules, Controllers and Expressions. Example:: import psutil from netdef.Shared.Internal import Statistics from netdef.Sources.SystemMonitorSource import bytes2human if Statistics.on: uss = psutil.Process().memory_full_info().uss Statistics.set("process.memory.startup", bytes2human(uss)) """ on = True statistics = OrderedDict()
[docs] @staticmethod def set(key, value): Statistics.statistics[key] = value
[docs] @staticmethod def get(key): return Statistics.statistics[key]
[docs] @staticmethod def get_dict(): return Statistics.statistics